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Note: This page is moderated and can be referenced in OOC issues, such as ban appeals, complaints, reports, etc. This may not apply to the pages this page links to.

These are the rules. Make sure to read them before you play, as ignorance of the rules is not an excuse. If you think any of these rules could use changing, or further clarification, please contact an admin.

The Rules

  • Rule 0: You may be removed at any moment, for any length of time, for any reason, should an admin decide it is for the welfare of the server.
    • Admins are expected to take full responsibility and have good reasoning for any bans used using Rule 0.
  • Rule 1: In-game administration rulings are final.
    • If you feel an administrative decision has been made in error or you disagree with it, in-game is not the place to dispute it. Raise the issue out-of-game through official channels if you wish to dispute a ruling.
  • Rule 2: You must be 18+ to play.
    • Due to the nature of the game and possible relevance to international law, you must be over the age of 18 to play on the server.
  • Rule 3: No erotic role play.
    • ERP, cybersex, or any other form of sexual misconduct is not allowed on the server or any official channels.
  • Rule 4: No Metagaming.
    • Metagaming is defined as using out of character knowledge to act in character. This includes but is not limited to: Metacomms, using ghost knowledge, and knowledge of previous rounds.
  • Rule 5: No Griefing.
    • Griefing is defined as the deliberate antagonizing of players in or out of character for no valid reason.
  • Rule 6: Do your job.
    • Minimum effort is required of all players to do the job they were assigned at round start. This goes especially true for Silicons, Heads of Staff, and Security.
  • Rule 7: No Powergaming.
    • Powergaming is defined as obtaining unnecessary power unrelated to your job. Key word here being unnecessary.
  • Rule 8: No Self-antag.
    • Self-antagging is defined as acting purely antagonistic to the crew for no discernable reason as a non-antag.
  • Rule 9: As an antagonist, fulfill your objectives.
    • You are expected to play towards your objectives as a solo antagonist. You are also expected to not harm or endanger your team as a team antagonist. Failing your objectives is okay, but actively making it more difficult for yourself to complete your objectives is not.
  • Rule 10: Stay in character.
    • Your character is (usually) a living, breathing character within a setting different from our own. You're expected to act within these bounds at all times.

Rule Clarifications, Exceptions, And Precedents

  • Rule 0:
    • If you are found to be using multiple ckeys, an admin may force you to choose one and permanently ban the rest. Using one ckey is necessary for administrative purposes, and using multiple ckeys without notifying an admin will be viewed with extreme suspicion.
    • Regularly coming close to breaking the rules will be treated the same as actually breaking them. Repeated bad faith actions on the part of players will not be tolerated, even if they are technically within the bounds of the rules.
  • Rule 1:
    • You are permitted to argue your case to an admin during an ahelp conversation, but once it has been closed, do not continue the conversation through any in-game means.
  • Rule 2:
    • This is mostly a case of "Don't ask, don't tell", but if the administration feels the need to verify your age, you must comply. You may do so anonymously, and are encouraged to do so if the situation arises. It likely won't happen unless you do something stupid like brag about being underage, however.
  • Rule 3:
    • Mild content such as flirting, innuendo, or even having no clothes on are still permitted. It should be clear where the line is drawn between playful banter and actual sexual content.
    • Reading erotica in-game is permitted within reason. However, doing so through any channel for any reason makes you valid not only for players, but for administrative intervention as well. While the occasional reading of WGW isn't likely to net you a ban, don't do it in excess and don't complain if you get hit with a BSA for it. Doing so in OOC is still strictly against the rules, however.
  • Rule 4:
    • This rule also includes "IC in OOC" and "OOC in IC". Do not discuss anything that could be pertinent to the ongoing round in OOC, as this can become a form of metagaming, and can spoil the round for others. Even if it's something you think everyone would be aware of, don't do it.
    • You are allowed to have full knowledge of game mechanics and potential round types, and can use this knowledge to influence your in-character actions.
    • Metacommunications(metacomms) is defined as communication of active participants in a round through outside means. Including, but not limited to voice chat, text, or in person. All communication between players participating in a round must be done within the game itself. Exceptions may be made for older players teaching newer players, but this must be discussed with administration beforehand.
  • Rule 5:
    • This can also be seen as "don't be a dick" and "don't greytide for no reason". If you have to ask if what you're doing is considered griefy, err on the side of caution and don't do it, or ahelp beforehand.
    • Spam (either IC or OOC) also fall under this rule. Repeatedly cluttering the screen with your messages will result in your ability to send messages be removed, at bare minimum.
    • Although antagonists have very relaxed rules regarding what is considered griefing, there are still limits. Anything involving the arrivals shuttle and its immediate surroundings is considered off-limits to antagonists and crewmembers alike.
  • Rule 6:
    • If you join the round as a Head of Staff or Silicon, you are expected to remain in the round for half an hour from when you joined the round. Positronic brains and MMIs are exempt from this.
    • If you need to leave the round early for whatever reason as a round-critical role, notify admins via ahelp, place your body somewhere secure, and ghost out. A head of staff delegating an appropriate replacement before leaving will be exempt from this.
    • As people are expected to do their job, you are also expected to let people do so. If someone is manning a department, you must make a reasonable effort to solicit them for the service you require of them. If they are absent or unwilling to provide a necessary service or item, you are permitted to attempt to do it yourself, at the risk of IC consequences.
  • Rule 7:
    • A necessary situation to be aquiring power is if there is a credible and direct threat to your life. Being on blue alert is not enough. Being on red alert is. Having a known crisis on the station is. Having someone threaten your life directly can be treated as such.
    • If items or other abilities(augments, viruses, mutations) are normally and realistically obtainable within your job, it is not powergaming to obtain them. Likewise, it is not powergaming to ask for and be willingly given items and/or abilities from someone working said department. It will be treated as powergaming if you obtain them illegally.
    • Out of necessity, this rule will be more relaxed during low server population instances. While you're not likely to receive admin intervention for tiding yourself extra access during lowpop, an admin may still intervene at their discretion. Tide responsibly.
  • Rule 8:
    • This includes attempting to bait someone into a conflict with the intent of gaining a valid reason to kill them.
    • Silicons with no laws preventing murder are still expected to act in good faith. Being purged is not an excuse to start plasmaflooding the station.
  • Rule 9:
    • Murderboning is seen as intentionally working against your objectives as a solo antagonist, as it heavily reduces your chances at success. That, and it's just a dick move. Don't do it. Don't out yourself intentionally to force yourself to do it either.
    • Acts of mass destruction are permitted as an antagonist so long as they don't make it more difficult for you to achieve your goals. For example, creating a loose singularity when you still have a steal objective to fulfil would be seen as acting against your goals, as the item could be destroyed by the singularity.
    • If you purchase a unique gimmick item that cannot possibly be used without crossing into murderbone territory - such as His Grace and the Clown Car - you will be permitted to do so, but will receive a note for doing so. Repeated instances of gimmick murderboning in a short time frame will not be protected by this exception.
  • Rule 10:
    • Naming your character falls under this rule. "Firstname Lastname" is acceptable convention for all races, although some races may have alternate acceptable formats. Naming your character in excessively OOC terminology or referencing preexisting characters or people is not permitted. Mimes, clowns, and silicons have a more relaxed naming policy, but you will still be warned if you overstep the bounds of what is considered acceptable.
    • Do not use OOC terms in IC. Avoid using terms like "round" (in reference to the current round) and netspeak like "lol uwu :)" in general.
    • As a silicon, you are expected to follow your laws to the letter, from top to bottom. Higher laws have higher priority and overrule any lower laws if they conflict with the higher one. If a law is ambiguous, choose a single interpretation and stick to it for the entire round.
    • Once you're a ghost, you're allowed to break character and use OOC terminology however you wish, as well as discuss the current round.(re: rule 4) This freedom only exists while you are a ghost, and ends immediately upon you re-entering the round by any means.
    • You are permitted to freely break character and act however you wish only once the round end report appears. This includes grief, murder, and mass destruction.

Instigation and Escalation

You are permitted to instigate a potentially hostile scenario so long as all the above rules are followed. However, recognize that should you instigate a situation, you are completely at the mercy of any players whom you have instigated against. Instigation can be caused by any number of forms of minor grief: Shoving people, stealing items, breaking and entering, vandalism, outright assault, are a few examples. If you instigate a confrontation in this manner, you are not permitted to escalate against someone who is defending themselves from your actions - nor are you allowed to seek admin assistance against someone that defends themselves in this manner.

Admin Policy

  • 1: If you intend to play during a round, deadmin yourself. Unless there are no admins online at the time, in which case you should ghost out and admin full time unless there is a minimal amount of players. If you're in a station-critical role, you may play and admin at the same time.
  • 2: Intent is important. Before coming to a decision on a situation, review both sides of the story, and all relevant logs to judge the intent of the offender. If it is reasonable to assume the offender was acting in good faith and merely mistaken, don't treat them as though they're a hardened criminal.
  • 3: Leniency to first time offenders is core. Unless you can prove without a shadow of a doubt that a first time offender was acting maliciously, treat them with leniency, give them a note, and remind them to read the rules.
  • 4: Repeat offenders are not to be treated lightly, regardless of intent. If a person is not learning from their mistakes despite the leniency shown, then they will not be welcome here.
  • 5: for fucks sake don't varedit shit unless you know what you're doing

Admin Events Policy

  • 1: Do not act upon a round unless you feel it is necessary to do so; either to resolve the round naturally or to bring life to a round that most people have mentally checked out from.
  • 2: Regardless of how you act upon a round, you are not personally permitted to act in it should you exercise your ability to alter it unless absolutely necessary.