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The lore page is a work in progress, and lore is constantly being added to, new additions and revisions are to be expected.

The Boomerstation Lore Page, where you can find the inner meaning of even the most outrageous omelette description.

The Four Planes of Reality[edit]

At the start, there were four main parallel planes of existence:

Redspace: A place where matter is erratically stretched and compressed. Very little energy is emanated here, giving it a "Red" glow to our eyes, producing a large amount of infrared radiation too.

Bluespace: A place where matter and space is compressed compared to realspace. A decent amount of energy is present, giving it a constant "blue" glow. Very useful for space travel.

Yellowspace: A place where matter and space is stretched compared to realspace. Awful for space travel. Medium-low energy levels give it a yellow glow.

Realspace: The main plane of existence the game and your fanfiction takes place in.

In The Beginning[edit]

At the beginning there was, as many science nerds know, only energy and the beginning of atoms. This quickly stopped being fucking nothing and picked itself up by its bootstraps and made itself into something. Take a fat guess what happened. Yes, it ABSOLUTELY got a job and did something better with its life. Sarcasm aside, it became the universe.

As there was only entropy in realspace at the time, and realspace, unlike the three other spaces, desires balance, it (accidentally) created beings of "Order" These would become known as the eldritch gods: Nar-sie, Ratvar, the Honkmother, and The Silent One.


Nar-sie is the ELDRITCH GODDESS OF BLOOD AND ORGANICS, with most of her creations being entirely biological, or being of biological compounds.


Ratvar is the eldritch god of metal and inorganics, being naturally opposed (and the opposite of) Nar-sie.


The Honkmother represents all emotion (happiness and insanity being her favorites), and chaos. She is the strongest of the four.

The Silent One is an unknown entity supposedly representing apathy and subtlety. Few know much about him, especially as he never verbally communicated to anyone, even his most devout followers. Natural enemy of the Honkmother.

These beings would mostly do fuck all other than attempt to each push their crazed fantasy upon the universe, creating a bizarre equilibrium that lead up to the universe we know today.

Enough fucking around with zoomer eldritch hard-on stuff, now on to the stuff that actually matters

The Magical Beginning[edit]

The proper beginning

Guess what, earth exists and guess which race of idiots probably writing stupider shit than this lives on it yep Generic assistant2.png

While most is the same as real life, a few things are different/confirmed to be real: Shortly after the fall of the roman empire, magic ran rampant.

Without any sort of council or Caesar to use methods to nullify magic, many wizards Generic wizard.png with literally fuck-all better to do took this time to attempt a conquest over the world.

This resulted in a mass burning of non-magical knowledge, mass genocide of non-magical beings as part of supremacy campaigns, and so on.

However, after a slaughter that killed a massive amount of the population, a large contingent of wizards opposed to the anarchy of this unrestrained magic formed a coalition to protect humanity,

Wizhat.PNG The Wizard Federation

This federation would eventually politely tell the wizards to fuck off, and succeed in doing so. The council decided, in order to protect non-magicals, to erase all memories of magic and "explain away" cases of magic. And so slaughters became famines and plagues, the biggest being the "Black plague" and the entire age of wizardry was remembered as "The Dark Ages".

Year 2100[edit]

Alright so ya losers heres what happens between now and then: Many countries such as the U.S and much of Europe fall, with Megacorps taking their place (save for a few)

Ntposter.png Nanotrasen: Originally a U.S government founded to study (and later monetize) nano and cyber technology.

Mobster.png ONI corp: A japanese company known only for it's strong mafia connections and stranglehold on most forms of art.

Generic clown.png HONK! Co.: A canadian company that specializes in clowns and clown technology.

Banana.png The Banana Republic: An almost imperial proprietorship company with hereditary rulership that took control of most of the southern hemisphere (notably Africa and South America). Equally entrenched in crime as ONI corp.

Generic mime.png The Society of Mimes: A company that was originally founded in France and Belgium that is to mimes and HONK! Co. is to clowns.

A non-mega corps worth noting is Spessrussian.pngUSSR: 2 (literally named) After the death of the totally president and not king, government agencies slowly took over and more or less reformed the USSR, but as a sequel to rival Shrek 2.

It would be during the early 2100s that Bluespace travel would be discovered, allowing humanity to become an interplanetary, and later interstellar species.

This would catapult humanity into a gilded age of economics and technology for the next 200 years, with many different technologies being discovered:

Supermatter shard.png Supermatter: A crystal of yellow space formed much akin to bluespace crystals. It is used and abused to stretch atoms (most effectively in gasses) to the point they break entirely, producing a massive amount of heat and energy.

Pulserifle.png Pulse: A powerful form of energy weapons that use secret NT tech to turn even a small amount of energy into a trememdous blast.

Posibrain.gif Positronic Brains: Sentient brains formed entirely artificially.

At around 2359, Nanotrasen holds 12 secret research facilities, the most notable of which being Space Station 12, responsible for studying the various extra dimensional spaces in the universe. It would be on this station the biggest calamity in mankind's history would happen: A clown would slip an engineer, which said engineer was carrying NT's biggest bluespace core (think a really powerful bluespace crystal charged with a lot of energy), into NT's biggest supermatter.

The resulting clash of Yellowspace and Bluespace would cause a colossal distortion, ripping and merging major parts of the two spaces into "Greenspace" As Bluespace and Yellowspace have opposing properties, and unlike realspace, they cannot be in equilibrium, the "greenspace" was extraordinarily dangerous and unstable, damaging the two spaces.

This resulting in not only Bluespace travel, but also Yellowspace power sources becoming unusable. For the next ~130 years, many civilizations would become stranded, with no power or travel between them. This would be the "Blackout of technology" Many forms of tech, and various knowledge about them would be lost during this time. In addition, due to isolation, many of the colonies of the empires would become far different than what they once were, with some even becoming radically genetically different.

Ages would pass until Bluespace became stable enough to travel again, and even moreso for Yellowspace to become usable for energy. In the year 2456, the Greenspace dispersed. And, with their ability to travel the stars again, Nanotrasen, along with other corporations and empires that have been in slumber for ages, finally awoke to take back what was once theirs.

Many planets would be recovered and discovered, most notable (to the game) being: The planet of the clowns (and mimes). (This is pre-existing SS13 lore. Read up on it in the /tg/ wiki.)Alongside Lavaland.

The Currently Thriving Empires[edit]

As of 2300, there exists the previous empires, but in addition:

Ntposter.png Nanotrasen stands as the strongest power, especially with the aforementioned pulse tech.

Mobster.pngKaroshi Inc: Originally known as ONI Corp, Karoshi Inc is a crushingly brutal corporation with a toxic work culture that often overworks its workers. To supress any dissent, Karoshi Inc funds and has criminally strong ties with various mafia families, which they use and abuse to ensure productivity is at a max. The most notorious is the Yakuza, an ancient criminal society dating back before even the age of Megacorps.

Viper.pngSpider Clan: The Spider Clan was originally once part of a Karoshi Inc mafia. Originally, they stood as a disciplined clan of assassins with a penchant for 8 legged nasties, achieving whatever was needed for a sufficient price. However, they eventually rose to become one of the most influential crime clans/families even breaking off from the corporation to begin with. The Spider Clan now is not only at the cutting-edge of xenobiology, especially pertaining to arachnids, but also holds a duopoly on organized crime outside of Karoshi borders, sharing this control with the Syndicate. However, The Spider Clan is known for selling fine clothing and equipment, many of which is popular with Nanotrasen command, most especially Security.

Clown.png Space Britain, ruled by a space queen in a space castle drinking space tea (which one drinks the tea? the answer is yes)

Syndicateforce.png The Syndicate: A coalition of many organizations that all have the combined intent to destroy Nanotrasen. From Waflle Co. and Donk Co., to the Gorlex Marauders, one of them will likely be killing your crew and stealing your technology one shift or another and looking cool while doing it.

Emoji shades.png The Polar Stars: A title for a rather haphazard faction amongst the cosmos. Free in all senses of the word, and just as chaotic as you'd expect.

Perhaps slap some room for more empires here since y'all really can't go a second without making a new PMC/Megacorp ya an-cap wanks


Basically, these are cultures that one can choose to roleplay if one wants to.

Capital Worlders: Capital Worlders are those that originate from the Nanotrasen capital system, making up the "native culture" of Nanotrasen, mostly humans. Capital Worlder culture is split into two halves, based on what economic caste that individual comes from.

Skyliners: Make up the upper-middle and upper class of NT capital worlds, typically posh and/or arrogant. Often incredibly serious and avoid using slang. Not uncommon to see hereditary names (I.E: John Freeman III) or Titles (Randolph P. Checkers Esq.) in their caste. Named for "Skyliners" living in high-rise sections of cities, close to the sky.
Flatists: Make up the lower-middle and lower class of NT capital worlds, usually very insincere and, in their own words, "Ironic". Make heavy use of slang, and are often laid-back or very humor-centric. Usually have simple names, some with ties to ancient culture.

Other Worlders: Those that originate from worlds out side of the NT capital system.

Italians: Italians hold an almost religious dedication to food, with chefs being revered. The overwhelming majority of NT chefs/cooks are sourced from Italian culture. Almost always speak in an odd accent, often using food related slang, or stating quips in an ancient language of the same name as their culture.
Russians: Russians originate from abandoned USSR: 2 space, or from those who have defected from the country. Usually incredibly cheerful with a love of alcohol. Speaks with minimal use of future-tense words, switching Vs and Ws, just look up how to do a russian accent and you've basically got this down.
ClOwNs (properly capitalized): ClOwNs, while not entirely comprised of the job that their name entails, it still makes up a majority of their culture. As is commonly known, clowns originate from the planet of clowns (later confirmed to to be the planet of clowns and mimes), where being obnoxious and clumsy for the sake of humor is prized. You can play as a clown would, but for the love of GOD actually only do it if you are funny, and remember you can't get away with the same shit a clown would. Use moderation when playing as this culture or I WILL fucking beat the shit out of you.
Mimes: Similar to above, although this culture did not make their vow of silence like full mimes, but still prefer to gesticulate instead of wasting breath on talking. Usually when they do speak, they speak in a french accent.

Species and sub-species[edit]

In addition, various species would be discovered:


Humans: Y'all know what you are, vile and capable of breeding like rabbits no matter the cost.



Click expand to see Mothpeople backstory:

Originating on the Umbral planet Solus IV, Mothpeople originally lived with very little light shininig on their planet, leaving it in a state of near perpetual night. As a result of this, light, be it the sun or moon, or even artificial light, is revered within their culture. Many Mothpeople worship forms of light, congregating around sources of light, especially during times of pure darkness. As a result of this almost religious love of light, many Mothpeople are named using terms for light, or references to luminous objects, even lamps. They were originally found by a Nanotrasen expedition crew after the race had entered their equivalent of the industrial revolution, inventing the steam engine, although not yet inventing the lightbulb. While most scientists had been set on erradicating or enslaving the species, one had come up with the idea of using their superior light technology to coax the species to join voluntarily.



Click expand to see Lizardpeople backstory:

Originating from a planet with typically warmer climates, Lizardpeople had originally developed FTL travel on their own after the dispersion of the Greenspace. (Un?)fortunately for them, they were on the very edge of Nanotrasen borders, which caused NT to gloriously incorporate them into our society through an invasion on the lizards' home planet, producing a (totally not racist) wine in commemoration. Many Lizardpeople are divided to this day on whether or not to assimilate into NT culture. Those that do assimilate can just be RP'd as any normal human culture. Or well, any culture that a human character could pick and make sense. Those that do not, instead have a separate set of cultural concepts: Most that adhere to Lizardpeople culture focus instead on a mastery of the self, focusing on either craftsmanship, a "renaissance man"-esque desire to master as much as one can, or to create works of art that truly express themself. They also speak in an accent that differs even from those that assimilate. (which i'll leave up to people who care enough about the liznerds to create.)


IPCs: Originally positronic machines created by humans before the blackout, IPCs have since gained full sentience, even acquiring emotions much like humans.


Plasma(memes)people: Plasmamen are quite straightforward: their bodies are made of plasma. A recent addition to Nanotrasen, the Plasmaman home was originally discovered in a large plasma nebula in deep space. They're really uninteresting other than being speshul snoflaake fairly uncommon.

Light Bulb.png


Click expand to see backstory:

Sometimes confused for Plasmamen, Ethereals were originally gas-bag creatures floating around a sun near the NT capital, consuming some of its radiation, until they were later discovered to be sentient. A Nanotrasen official assigned to that system decided, with a shortage of workers, to give an order to grant these creatures solid and functional bodies. Most Ethereals have bizarre reactions to their benefactors, although some have taken to imitate their uplifters, styling parts of their bodies to imitate humans, ranging from hair to- you get the point.



Click expand to see Felinid backstory:

While I originally put "NO" as their lore in the previous version, I'll give them some justice this time around. And y'know, tell people to not play annoying animu/weeb shit at the same time. Felinids are a sub-race of humans which have, at some point in their genetic line, genetically modified themselves to take on more feline traits, most common of which being cat ears and tails. While Felinids are most commonly stereotyped as being obnoxious and socially awkward people with little grasp on how to behave normally, who also converted them self to this race, there is more to them than that.

Despite the stereotypes, most Felinids in Nanotrasen were actually born as their race, although only holding a small majority, at 55%, with artificials being 45%. This divide and obvious despise of their more infamous counterparts has caused a great split:

Natural-Born: While Felinids can take regular human culture, they also have their own cultures (names are place holders) Most natural-born Felinids despise those that modified themself to become Felinids, seeing them not only as disgusting human beings, but also a poor reflection on themselves:
Yarnnites are most of this culture can trace their lineage back to a (albeit bizarre) belief in fashion among ancient upper-class humans. Most typically attempt to stay as clean as possible (for a race that despises being wet) and prefer wearing more posh or fancy clothing. Often sleepy or low-energy.
Ponters are near the opposite of Yarnnites, Ponters are highly energetic, almost typically seen running around (for little reason), compulsively knocking down objects that are near ledges. Usually fine with clothing like jumpsuits or other simple forms of wear. Still prefer modest and appropriate clothing, however, so don't get any ideas you horny fucks.
Artificial: Do I even need to fucking describe what most of y'all are fucking expecting me to put here? Do I really want to describe the thing that made me fucking cringe the moment I started writing Felinid lore? Do I even want to put into words a description for the animu weebs that behave awfully as felinids? NO.
Yeah you know about the cringelord Felinids, there are also those that were force converted by those sick fucks and hate being them MOVING ON TO SOMETHING THAT WILL FINALLY MAKE ME NOT WINCE AT THE MERE PROSPECT OF WRITING IT.


These are races, or sub species of races, that usually are only seen as a result of mad science experiments, or seen in conspiracy/crackpot theories floating around.


Slimepeople (and relatives): Slimepeople fall under the first of the two "spottings". Almost all slime people were created by a mad science experiment, either being the scientist themself, or being experimented on.


Hulks: Mutant humans that yell uncontrollably and were created by crazed geneticists that have immense power.

Generic psychologist.png

Psychics: Not to be confused with humans with telekinetic or mind reading powers, psychics only exist in insane theories, using unnatural powers to manipulate the world around them. While NT insists psychics are fake, individuals in black suits exhibiting psychic traits have been reported to show up to "harass" those that "know too much" about Nanotrasen.

(feel free to change the lore, and add some more corps, cause i know y'all will.)

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