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This is more of an index to contributing to the game. Note that your solutions might not be used and it is possible for them to even be ridiculed. Please do not take offense and try to get as much constructive criticism out of it as you can. If your work does get put in, than congratulations!!


So you have an idea and don't know where to post it? Simple... check if it's already been submitted and if it hasn't, post it here or in the Boomerstation Discord's #suggestion channel.

Icons, glyphs, sprites, animations... images[edit]

For an overview on spriting see our Guide to spriting.

You have what it takes to make a 32x32 pixel image actually look like something? We're always on the lookout for good spriters. Join our Discord and offer your talents to the #spriting channel.


A code overview is available as well as a guide for experienced programmers.

The most successful coders will hang out with the rest of the coders and maintainers in the Boomerstation Discord's #coding and #development channels.


A Guide to mapping is available. If you have any additional questions please ask in the mappercord or the #mapping channel in the Boomerstation Discord server.

Development and contribution guides[edit]

TG Station 13 is an open source project, so anyone can contribute to it. Here are a few guides to help you if you're interested in contributing.

Helping with SS13[edit]

See Setting up git to see how to commit your code, images, map updates or anything else to the tgstation repo.

Contribution guides
General Hosting a server, Setting up git, Guide to working with tgstation as an upstream repository, Downloading the source code, Guide to contributing to the game, Reporting issues, Game resources category, Guide to changelogs
Database (MySQL) Setting up the database, MySQL
Coding Coding standards, Understanding SS13 code, SS13 for experienced programmers, Binary flags‎, Getting Your Pull Accepted, Text Formatting
Mapping Guide to mapping, Map merger
Spriting Guide to spriting
Wiki Guide to contributing to the wiki, Wikicode