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This list contains all the active staff of BoomerStation.

Current Admins[edit]

Maldaris • Host

deedubya • Head Admin

AsciiSquid • Head Admin

Mark Suckerberg • Head Coder

iodine-131 • Head Sysadmin

kurpingspace2 • Game Admin

Sjet • Game Admin

Epsil • Game Admin

LordGrievous • Game Admin

DerFlammenwerfer • Game Admin

BigFatAnimeTiddies • Game Admin

BrawlerHorde • Trial Admin

Other Staff[edit]

Supercatbot • Maintainer

TripleZeta • Head Spriter

Secretlymaybeocelot • Discord Mod

Tallvisit • Discord Mod

Shadowtail117 • Discord Mod

TheNeoGamer42 • Mentor